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About The Issue

Restoring Arizona is a growing community of concerned citizens committed to two goals – achieving health care security for our community and encouraging our elected officials to make the right choices when it comes to health care policies to best benefit our state.

If you believe strongly that our elected officials must address the growing challenge of health care in Arizona, set aside partisanship and get the job done, then the Restoring Arizona is for you. 

Each day, thousands of Arizona citizens are going to the emergency room for medical treatment because they have no other place to go.  Not only does this put a strain on our hospital networks, it also costs you money.  The average family pays nearly $2,000 in additional insurance premiums to cover the cost of uncompensated care.  This “hidden tax” costs all of us. 

Rising health care prices don’t just mean more pain when you aren’t feeling well — they also mean that Arizona employers are spending less money on investing in new jobs.  Consumers also have less money in their wallets to spend on goods and services.

Help us move forward today by contacting your elected officials using our contact system here.