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Brewer's Medicaid push will benefit Arizona

April 12, 2013
Arizona Republic

We are encouraged by Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to expand Medicaid in our state, which will allow for quality health care for Arizona families and result in a significant boost to our economy.

Our economic recovery is in sight, and by restoring coverage to uninsured childless adults, she also is ensuring that Arizona receives a crucial $2 billion annual injection to our economy — a federal match that allows more of the state’s general-fund dollars to be spent in much-needed areas like K-12 education, our universities and public safety.

We applaud this sensible plan, which better protects the wallets of taxpayers — who all too often wind up footing the bill for uncompensated medical and emergency-room services provided to the uninsured, a cost of about $2,000 per family every year.

What she has deemed a “hidden health-care tax” burdens households and Arizona-based businesses and affects our competitiveness for new investments and expansions.

We are grateful for her leadership and willingness to put Arizona families first, and we encourage our state legislators to join us in supporting her proposed changes to AHCCCS.

— James Lundy, Phoenix

— Barry Broome, Phoenix

James Lundy is chairman and Barry Broome is president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

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