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Catholic Bishops Endorse Governor Brewer's Medicaid Plan

February 1, 2013
Press Release

Governor Jan Brewer is proud to announce that Catholic Bishops serving all corners of Arizona have joined her in support of the Governor’s Medicaid plan, joining a coalition of premier health advocates and business leaders who have already rallied behind the expansion. The Arizona Catholic Conference represents more than 1 million Catholics across the state.

“I am thrilled to have the support of the Arizona Catholic Conference on an issue so critical to our State’s future,” said Governor Brewer. “The dioceses represented by ACC are well-known and respected for their commitment to improving their communities and the lives of our citizens. I am grateful to have such an honorable group in my corner, and I look forward to working with them as my plan moves forward.”

The Arizona Catholic Conference represents the Diocese of Phoenix, Diocese of Tucson, Diocese of Gallup and the Holy Protection of Mary Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix. The Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference have expressed their support for Governor Brewer’s proposal. Please see their statements below:

“We are grateful for Governor Brewer’s efforts to help some of the most vulnerable in our society with their critical healthcare needs.” – Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted (Diocese of Phoenix)

“Almost 50,000 people will likely lose their healthcare if nothing is done, and that is a real concern to us.” – First Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo A. Nevares (Diocese of Phoenix)

“Our area hospitals are particularly impacted by the high amount of uncompensated care, and Governor Brewer’s proposal is a tremendous help.” – Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas (Diocese of Tucson)

“By passing this proposal, Arizona will join its neighboring states in seeing the wisdom of this health care expansion.” – Bishop James S. Wall (Diocese of Gallup)

Governor Brewer’s Medicaid Plan respects the will of Arizonans who’ve twice voted to expand Medicaid. By expanding slightly beyond what voters have already approved (adding about 57,000 Arizonans to the more than 1 million already on the Medicaid rolls), the State of Arizona can access billions of dollars in federal funds and greatly reduce pressure on the State budget and core services such as education and public safety. There is NO ADDED COST to the State General Fund.

Additionally, Governor Brewer’s Plan will create or save thousands of jobs, protect rural and safety-net hospitals and ensure Arizona remains economically competitive both regionally and nationally. That’s why

Arizona leaders in business, health care, education, public policy and the faith community are joining Governor Brewer’s team for this important effort.

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