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Legislator put-down of AHCCCS care wrong

April 30, 2013
AZ Republic Opinions
James Malenfant

This letter is in response to state Sen. Kelli Ward’s comments that Medicaid offers “substandard care” (“Feds say no to funding a leaner Ariz. Medicaid,” Republic, Friday).

I do not know what kind of medicine is practiced in Lake Havasu City, but my experience with AHCCCS, Mercy Care, certainly proves her statement is inaccurate.

I had a major heart event in 2011. Mercy Care gave me the best care available, sending me to the finest hospitals and utilizing the finest doctors.

What Mercy Care didn’t provide were the crippling medical bills for care and follow-up treatment.

As for Ward’s statement about expanding care and reducing the incentive for people to improving their circumstances and getting off the public dole, well, I doubt she could afford the $1,000 or more a month for follow-up care.

The pathetic excuses the GOP-led Legislature gives for not expanding Medicaid are just that. Everyone in this state deserves a Mercy Care card and the excellent care that comes with it.

I owe a lot to Mercy Care, especially my heart.

— James Malenfant, Phoenix

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