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Letter from Governor Brewer to members of the Arizona Legislature

April 25, 2013

Please see the attached letter from Governor Brewer to legislators here.

This letter references guidance issued today by the federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS).

You may view the CMS guidance in its entirety at this link

Below is the section most relevant to Arizona and the issue of whether the State could continue its freeze on enrollment of childless adults and still receive 2-to-1 federal matching dollars to maintain coverage for the existing population:

Will CMS approve enrollment caps or periods of ineligibility in section1115 demonstrations? 

The Affordable Care Act provides significant federal support to ensure the availability of coverage to low-income adults. Enrollment caps limit enrollment in coverage on a first come, first serve basis. Periods of ineligibility delay or deny coverage for otherwise eligible individuals.

These policies do not further the objectives of the Medicaid program, which is the statutory requirement for allowing section 1115 demonstrations. As such, we do not anticipate that we would authorize enrollment caps or similar policies through section 1115 demonstrations for the new adult group or similar populations.

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