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Letter: Medicaid expansion needed

March 12, 2013
East Valley Tribune
Judy Walruff

Medicaid expansion needed

Access to affordable health care has been particularly difficult for low-income women and families.

For that reason, as Arizona’s leading family planning program for almost 40 years, the Arizona Family Health Partnership strongly supports Governor Brewer’s proposal to expand Medicaid.

Expansion would mean that more:

• Women and families will be able to access family planning services and supplies;

• Women will receive preventive health services like mammograms and cancer screenings; and

• Women will receive breast and cervical cancer treatment.

Research shows that every dollar of public funding for contraceptive and preventive services saves $3.74 in costs for prenatal, pregnancy-related and medical care for newborns, or $3.4 billion that otherwise would have been borne by Medicaid.

Expanding Medicaid makes both financial and common sense.

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