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May 16, 2013
Restoring Arizona

Dear Legislator,

We support “Restoring Arizona,” Governor Brewer’s plan to reduce the problem of uncompensated health care in Arizona, which diminishes public health and drives up private healthcare insurance premiums.

Arizona, through its private healthcare insurance model, AHCCCS, sets the standard as one of the Nation’s most efficient and effective Medicaid plans. Expanding AHCCCS coverage will reduce health care costs across the State by providing working poor Arizonans with preventive health services.

Most of the expansion is actually a restoration of the coverage levels approved by Arizona voters twice in the last 10 years. AHCCCS restoration will reduce the “cost shift” to commercial health insurance patients and private pay patients that results from the costs hospitals incur serving the uninsured, as required by federal law. Governor Brewer’s proposal provides more low income uninsured Arizonans with health care coverage, and it helps Arizona businesses remain competitive with businesses in other states.

As demonstrated by the signatures below, a significant portion of the business community is united in support of “Restoring Arizona.” Business leaders have concluded that the Governor’s proposal reflects a thorough and thoughtful understanding of the facts, and that it is the correct policy choice for our state.

Restoring Arizona is the right answer for Arizona and Arizonans. We ask you to thoroughly and thoughtfully study the details. We invite you to join us and a solid majority of Arizonans in supporting Governor Brewer’s plan.



The following inclusion of names is authorized, but signatures were not available at the time of printing.

Ann Christensen, President, Christensen/Williams & Associates
Erik Knight, Board Member & Managing Partner, Comvoice, Inc.
Tom Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Desert Fleet-Serv, Inc.
Gary Moore, Director of Operations, Forest Energy Corporation
Jorge Leon, Owner, J.L. Insurance Services
Tim Kinney, President, Kinney Construction Services
Daniel Perez, President & CEO, Subrosa Investigations

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