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Plan to restore Medicaid is smart

April 1, 2013
Yuma Sun
Ram Krishna

As a physician who has practiced in Yuma for the past 28 years, I am very supportive of Gov. Brewer's plan to restore Medicaid in Arizona. Medicaid restoration is one of the most important issues facing our state, and although this is a difficult decision for our elected leaders, the math makes sense. Let's be honest, the current system is broken, and it is just not feasible for Arizona taxpayers to continue footing the bill alone. The federal government will pay the full cost of the restoration for the first three years, and never less than 90 percent. Arizona's taxpayers contribute too much to the federal system and get too little in return. Additionally, by restoring Medicaid we will be working to keep hospitals solvent at a time when uncompensated costs are out of control and ever growing. Many hospitals cannot continue to incur these costs without the threat of shutting down or dramatically scaling back. This is even more of a risk for rural hospitals like ours. It's time to put politics aside and do the fiscally responsible thing – offer health insurance to the working poor so that injuries and illnesses don't go untreated, causing congestion at our emergency rooms, and paying more for problems that could have been mitigated. 


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