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Statement Regarding Referendum Filed Against Medicaid Restoration

June 19, 2013

Statement from Restoring Arizona Spokesman Jaime A. Molera Regarding Referendum Filed Against Medicaid Restoration

“It is clear that the Arizona Constitution prohibits referral of laws that are ‘for the support and maintenance of the departments of the state government and state institutions.’  Consequently, the opponents of Medicaid expansion cannot invalidate (or stall) the appropriation of state funds covering expanded AHCCCS coverage.

“These fringe groups who have opposed this restoration effort from the start willfully intend to ignore the will of the Arizona voters who have twice voted to support Medicaid coverage for childless adults who earn less than 100% of the Federal Poverty level. 

“The people who support this effort are not only ignoring Arizona law but are willfully declining nearly $8 billion of Federal funding over four years for Arizona.  Those dollars are Arizona taxpayer dollars and this group would rather have them spent in other states instead of Arizona. 

“Moreover, they have no plan on how they would handle the 63,000 people who risk losing their coverage at the end of this year or how our hospitals, particularly in rural Arizona, should continue to handle the burden of uncompensated care without this plan.

“Restoring Arizona, the coalition of healthcare, business, and community organizations came together to support Governor Brewer’s plan to restore Medicaid in Arizona because it is the right thing to do to protect taxpayers, reduce uncompensated care, and restore the will of the voters.  We are confident that the effort pushed by our opponents is predictably doomed to fail either during the signature gathering effort or in court.”

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