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Statement Regarding the End of the Medicaid Referral

September 11, 2013

“We are glad that this issue is now decided.  Now that this chapter is over, we hope that Arizona can move forward in implementing the restoration of its Medicaid program and continue its nationally recognized efforts in innovation.

“The opponents fought hard and we respect their passion and dedication to their cause.  We hope they will join us in championing the idea that AHCCCS is not the cause of federal deficits, it’s the solution.  The federal government should be required to adopt Arizona’s managed care model which embraces private sector competition, provides choice, and reduces fraud.

“We want to once again say thank you to Governor Brewer and the legislators who were willing to stand up to do the right thing to restore Medicaid funding.  They made the fiscally responsible decision that protects the rainy day fund, reduces uncompensated care, fights the hidden healthcare tax, and prevents 63,000 Arizonans from losing their health care at the end of this year.”

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