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Survey Shows Voters Overwhelmingly Support Medicaid Restoration

August 13, 2013

Survey Shows Voters Overwhelmingly Support Medicaid Restoration
Voters also oppose efforts to punish those who supported Medicaid

For Immediate Release:
August 13, 2013

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ARIZONA – Restoring Arizona released the results of a statewide survey conducted last week that shows overwhelming support for the Medicaid Restoration plan passed by the Arizona State Legislature and signed by Governor Brewer.  The statewide survey (attached) indicates that over 68% of the electorate support Governor Brewer’s plan.  As the survey indicates:  

Knowing just what you know right now do you support or oppose the new law to restore health care coverage for 260,000 Arizonans and expand it to 57,000 additional Arizonans?

  • 46.2%   Definitely Support
  • 22.0%   Probably Support
  • 6.8%     Probably Oppose
  • 19.2%   Definitely Oppose
  • 5.8%     Don't Know, Refused 

“This is a steady increase in support for Medicaid restoration from previous surveys.  Voters understand what is at stake and believe that restoration is the best choice for Arizona,” said Paul Bentz, who conducted the survey on behalf of Restoring Arizona.  “It is also strong indicator that, if the opposition group were successful in referring the issue to the 2014 General Election ballot, they would be overwhelmingly defeated.”

The survey was conducted from August 2–5, 2013 gathering the opinions of 500 high-efficacy voters and balanced to reflect the 2014 election cycle.  The survey shows that 92% of Democrats and 72% of Independents support restoration.  Even a significant portion of Republicans support restoration with the GOP split evenly, 45% in support and 46% in opposition.  

Voters were also asked about efforts to censure the Governor and legislators who supported Medicaid.   The effort only gathered 21% support from the electorate and failed to gather a majority of support from either Republicans or conservatives. 

Several Republican Precinct committees and the Maricopa County Republican party have voted to censure and actively oppose Governor Brewer and those Republican legislators who voted for the restoration and expansion of the Medicaid program.  Do you support or oppose these efforts to punish those who supported Medicaid? 

  • 11.6%   Definitely Support
  • 9.4%     Probably Support
  • 20.2%   Probably Oppose
  • 46.2%   Definitely Oppose
  • 12.6%   Don't Know, Refused

In Republicans males, 39% supported efforts to punish compared to 49% who opposed.  Only 29% of Republican females were supportive, while 53% were opposed to efforts to punish those who supported Medicaid.  Even self-described conservatives were more likely to oppose punishment efforts with 38% in support compared to 47% who opposed.

“This truly is a fringe effort to oppose Medicaid restoration and punish those who supported it,” concluded Bentz.  “Further efforts to push this issue will drive a wedge between Republican candidates and the traditional ‘swing’ demographics of Republican females and Independent voters who are critical in hotly contested general elections.  Republicans would be better served by focusing on immigration and job creation, two areas that are critical to the majority of the electorate, instead of fighting a losing battle in opposing Medicaid restoration.”

For further questions regarding the survey, please contact Paul Bentz at 602-615-1800 or prbentz@azhighground.com

Full survey data can be seen here.  

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