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Just a Family Doc

By: John Sears

When I finished residency and moved to Tuba City, we thought AHCCCS patients were "paying patients"! After 7 years, I moved to Winslow and "private practice"; I work for Little Colorado Medical Center (salaried, no incentive pay). I have a huge AHCCCS practice. Of course, I see comercially insured and self-pay patients too. We have so many poor people with such overwhelming health problems! If it wasn't for AHCCCS, there would be a blood bath. However, AHCCCS does not cover nearly enough poor patients. Lots of needy folks are falling through the cracks. Ever wonder why so many models are from Sweden? They have socialized medicine. All the kids get dental care in the school clinics. They all have good teeth. Just look at how poorly we do compared to Sweden. Under 18, we pay to pull teeth; not to restore them!

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