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Please, don't deny Arizona

By: Ellen M Baca

I am 55 years old, I have heart problems, chronic pain, and a family history of Alzheimers. Right now my future is bleak, health wise anyway. The best I can do is take 81 mg aspirin everyday, if I can afford the bottle. As for the chronic pain, Ibuprophen - again if I can afford to buy it. I put applications in everywhere, however because I can't keep up payments or simply make them on time - my credit is shot. So I can't get a job because they check my credit history, and I can't change my credit history because I can't get a job. So I have no health insurance, to help me with my heart, back and foot pain, nerve damage. Someone that lives with me, gives me money to survive - which makes me pretty lucky. If he moves out which is always a possibility, I will loose the tiny bit of income I have each month. I have ideas to start a business, however as much as I would - I have no money to start what I know would make an income for me. To say that I am stuck between a rock and a hard place is to put it lightly, and I know for a fact I am not the only person that is in the same boat as me. I just want to be around for my daughters and my 2 month old grandson. I want to get into good health, maintain that health, and make an income I can live on. I want to not have to worry about such things, I want to just be worried about getting to work on time, getting home safely. Please don't deny the people in Arizona, that truly needs AHCCCS, please.

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