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Rally for Restoration 

This is the big one, the last push and we need to show lawmakers what a REAL rally looks like. Please join Governor Brewer and doctors, nurses, patients, business leaders, advocacy organizations and other members of the broad Medicaid Restoration Coalition as we rally in support of the Governor’s plan. 

With a vote on Medicaid Restoration drawing near, it’s critical that we fill the Capitol mall with supporters of the Governor’s plan. Rather than focusing on a single aspect of the Medicaid plan, this event will rally members from across the coalition of more than 200 groups that have endorsed Medicaid Restoration. Let’s demonstrate the broad public support for this critical legislation!

What: Rally for Restoration

11 a.m. Wednesday, May 15

House Lawn, Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W. Washington 

Parking: Because there is very limited parking at the Capitol, the parking lot South of the Coliseum at the State Fairgrounds will be open for our use.  We will have shuttles to take rally participants to and from the Capitol.  Shuttles will begin running at 9:30 AM and will run until 1:00 PM.  Please arrive as early as possible to ensure your arrival at the Capitol by 11!

What you can do to make this event successful:

  • Bring as many people as you can!  Call all of your friends and carpool!  Our numbers at this event are CRITICAL.
  • Promote the Rally on through various communication channels—emails, Facebook, Twitter. Use the #restoringarizona hashtag!  
  • Make signs. We want our folks holding up their own signs with their personal messages. Some examples include: “Restore Coverage for Those Who Need it Most!”, “Support the Governor’s Plan!”,  “Restore Arizona”,  “Restore Medicaid – Save Lives!”, “Medicaid Restoration Helps Veterans”, “Save Rural Health Care”, “Restore Arizona—Restore the Will of Voters”. Be creative – the public needs to hear from you!
  • Identify people from your organization that can meet with their legislators immediately following the event. Two or three people who can articulate why Medicaid restoration is critical to them. We can help determine their Legislator if you can get us their information.
  • Notify your folks that we will be standing by to help them email and call their legislators immediately before and following the rally. We can help them figure out their district – all they need to know is their address!

Stay tuned for more information regarding the agenda on the day of the event. We want to really take the Capitol by storm and depending on our numbers we will plan accordingly.


Amilyn Gordon at agordon@azchamber.com or 602-248-9172 ext. 121 for more information.