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Arizona's Medicaid system has made a positive difference in thousands lives across the state. Here are the stories to prove it.

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Please, don't deny Arizona

By: Ellen M Baca

I am 55 years old, I have heart problems, chronic pain, and a family history of Alzheimers. Right now my future is bleak, health wise anyway. ... Read More

Just a Family Doc

By: John Sears

When I finished residency and moved to Tuba City, we thought AHCCCS patients were "paying patients"! After 7 years, I moved to Winslow and "private practice"; ... Read More

keeping my mom my mom

By: gregory west

my mother has alzheimers and lives with us. due to ahcccs and the john c lincoln day care center, i am able to work and ... Read More


By: Pamela Callahan

If it was not for AHCCCS I would probably be dead by now.. It has been such a blessing to me, and I'm sure others. ... Read More

Losing my job and trying to stay alive

By: kathy Kope

I lost my job back in 2010 after 28 years in Education. I never thought much about not having insurance until 2010, I had all ways had it. ... Read More