Take Action & Make A Difference


Arizona's Medicaid system has made a positive difference in thousands lives across the state. Here are the stories to prove it.

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Ken's not so bright future

By: Dwight Overturf

My son Ken cannot get anyone to hire him even though he is 40 and a graduate of ASU.This is because he was diagnosed having ... Read More

Healthy Community

By: Frank J. Cota

By providing healthcare this hepls insure for a healthy community, it helps prevent the spread of diseases, especially for children and the homeless. Read More

A success story

By: Jennifer Patterson

Jennifer Patterson is a success story. After several suicide attempts and a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder, she is living a productive life and has touched ... Read More

Llife altering treatment

By: Jeff Perto

Jeff Perto suffers from severe depression, anxiety and has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Currently, due to his SMI diagnosis, he is able ... Read More

Art Awakenings

By: James Wood

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and a serious mental illness diagnosis kept James Wood at home all day, every day. He was unable to leave his ... Read More