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Rural Communities

The issue of Medicaid restoration is a very hot topic across Arizona, but Rural Arizona faces some very unique concerns if the Governor’s plan to restore Medicaid is not implemented.  Currently 38 facilities in Rural Arizona provide AHCCCS services to childless adults.  The freeze on childless adults has created an increased pressure on these facilities to underwrite the costs for people who are unable to pay for the care they receive.

In addition to these costs, many rural counties have an agreement with AHCCCS to provide Medicaid funding to hospitalized inmates; these inmates are usually childless adults and without AHCCCS coverage the counties are responsible for the full costs of care.  Many rural health care providers do not have the capacity to shift costs and will be disproportionately impacted.  The heavy burden of these costs are putting a financial strain on these rural facilities that many of them will not be able to withstand.  Rural communities across Arizona are going to be faced with hospital closures and a loss of care.

The hospitals are not the only ones feeling the pressure.  Because of the lack of available substance abuse treatment jails are starting to feel the squeeze as well.  Passage of the Governor’s Medicaid restoration plan is becoming more and more critical in Rural Arizona, every day.

Rural Arizona is really feeling the squeeze where Medicaid restoration is concerned.  Rural hospitals being forced to underwrite costs for childless adults without health insurance are quickly going to be unable to carry the financial burden, forcing them to close their doors.  A hospital closure in Maricopa county creates any number of problems, however, closing a rural hospital could have catastrophic results.  Having to drive hundreds of miles to reach a hospital could mean the difference between life and death for a sick patient in rural Arizona.

Please be a voice for rural Arizona.  Support the Governor’s plan to restore Medicaid and ensure that rural Arizonans have access to the health care they need.